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Buildbots that can be used by AOSC developers

General Information§

This page contains information about AOSC Buildbots.

AOSC buildbots are all connected to our central relay node (, and are allocated fixed port numbers. To be specific, ports are allocated as per the buildbot's architecture:

  • AMD64: 22001 - 23000
  • MIPS: 23001-24000
  • ARM: 24001-25000
  • PowerPC: 25001-26000
  • RISC-V: 26001-27000
  • LoongArch: 27001-28000

Between the relay and the buildbots, Popub is used to forward your SSH port to our relay server. For usage of Popub, please read their README.

Each buildbot is allocated 2 ports; the smaller one is for connection between your machine and the relay, and the larger one is for outside connections to the relay. For example, the AMD64 buildbot Ry3950X is using 12333 and 22333, where Ry3950X forwards its SSH port using popub-local to 12333 on the relay, and the relay exposes this port to the outside on port 22333.

Submit your public keys for authentication at the dev-pubkeys repository, then view Buildbots on GitHub for connection infomation.

If you would like contribute your device to AOSC, please make sure your device have a usable Ciel installation, and contact Kexy Biscuit [email protected] by email or Telegram, providing:

  • Name for your device (optional, just for fun).
  • Port number of your choice, correspondent to the device's architecture.
  • Shell access for Kexy Biscuit for Relay configuration.

List of Buildbots§

Information Circle
  • port_number - 10000 is occupied by that machine. See information above.
  • The parameter speed is defined as the total execution time for make, after mkdir build && cd build && ../configure --prefix=/usr within the unzipped source tree of GNU C Library (version 2.31) - this will be the command time make, collect the Real time, and round up to a second. This test is to be conducted on the main storage/scratch disk/build partition/...
  • A Port with a strikethrough means that the buildbot is not online recently.

AMD64 (22001 - 23000)§

Curium22003Intel i5-9600K (6) @ 4.60GHz32GiB99s (-j7, 2.32)Staph ZhangOwned by Leo Shen; Read ~aosc/ for usage info
gbx-ry370022182AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (16) @ 3.600GHz1.5GiB~32GiB?Dingyuan Wang~3T ceph storage at /media/shared, / is on SSD
Ry3950X22333AMD Ryzen 9 3950X @ 3.50 - 4.70GHz64GiB40s (-j33)Mingcong BaiScratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel workspace
vmaoscagent001226582 * Intel Xeon Processor E5-2660 v2 @ 2.20 - 3.00GHz64GiB82s (-j41)Kexy Biscuit/buildroots/ available on SSD, repo mirror: http://localhost/debs/, BuildKit mirror: http://localhost/aosc-os/os-amd64/buildkit/, users in Asia-Pacific should connect with
EPSON-PC22718VM on i7-3770, 2vCPU4GiB502s (-j2)Zamir SunAvailable time: 8:00 - 21:30 UTC+8, use for direct connection

MIPS (23001-24000)§

lemote-a151123072Loongson 3B-1500G (R2, Hexa) @ 1.2GHz (A1511)8GiB1333s (-j7, 2.27)Junde YhiHosted by the Network Coding Lab at CUHK(SZ) sponsored by Xiaoxing Ye; owned by Mingcong Bai
lemote-a160123141Loongson 3A-2000C (R2) @ 1GHz (A1601)8GiB801s (-j5, 2.27)Junde Yhi
lemote-8089d23210Loongson 2F (STLS2F02-1) @ 1GHz (Lemote Yeeloong 8089D)1GiB9077s (-j1, 2.27) Junde YhiFor testing purposes only, not 24x7 online (slow, hot and noisy); owned by Mingcong Bai
lpi-223456Loongson 2K-1000 @ 1GHz (Loongson Pi 2)2GiB3850s (-j3)Junde YhiSponsored by windows1089
lemote-a190123869Loongson 3A-4000 (R4) @ 1.8GHz (A1901)16GiB335s (-j5, 2.31)Mingcong BaiScratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel workspace
Resonance23541Loongson 3B-4000 (R4) @ 1.8GHz (LX-2510)32GiB265s (-j9, 2.31)Kexy BiscuitCommunity crowdsourced; Scratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel workspace; repo mirror at http://localhost/debs/, BuildKit mirror at http://localhost/aosc-os/os-amd64/buildkit/

ARM (24001-25000)§

dedue24064Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.416GHz + Dual Core ARM Cortex-A72 @ 1.8GHz (Rockchip RK3399, RockPro64)4GiB565s (-j7)Icenowy ZhengScratch disk at /mnt/sda3; users in Asia could try ssh -p 24064 [email protected]
Tegra24096Quad Core ARM Cortex-A57 @ 1.73GHz (NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Developer Kit)4GiB446s (-j5, 2.27)Mingcong BaiDevice dead, RIP
Pine6424399Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.2GHz (Allwinner A64, Pine64 Plus)2GiB1351s (-j5, 2.27)Mingcong BaiRetired
kp920244262 * 48-Core Huawei Kunpeng 920 @ 2.6GHz (Huawei Taishan 2280 v2; 94 cores allocated)192GiB (145GiB allocated)71s (-j95)UndisclosedScratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel worksapce; direct access with ssh -p 2223 [email protected]
JellyXavier244444 x dual core NVIDIA Carmel CPU clusters @ 2.26GHz (NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit)16GiB232s (-j9)Mingcong BaiScratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel workspace
YetAnotherPine6424514Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.2GHz (Allwinner A64, Pine64 Plus)2GiB1365s (-j5, 2.27)Salted Fish(Down) Local mirror located at /dev/sda4
Mio242424 * Firestorm @ 3.2GHz + 4 * Icestorm @ 2.06GHz (Apple M1 chip)16GiB71s (-j8)Mag MellScratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel worksapce; direct access with ssh -p 8765 [email protected]; local mirror:
eleventh248088-Core Huawei Kunpeng 920 @ 2.4GHz16GiB136s (-j, 2.34)UndisclosedScratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel worksapce; direct access with ssh [email protected]:20022 [email protected]
Zinfandel242224 * Firestorm @ 3.2GHz + 4 * Icestorm @ 2.06GHz (Apple M1 chip)16GiB80s (-j, 2.31)Salted FishScratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel workspace; local mirror:

PowerPC (25001-26000)§

G5-PPC64BE25120IBM PowerPC 970MP @ 2.5GHz (PowerMac G5, Quad, 2005)8GiB566s (-j5, 2.27)Mingcong BaiScratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel workspace
G5-PPC32BE25121IBM PowerPC 970MP @ 2.5GHz (PowerMac G5, Quad, 2005)16GiB553s (-j5, 2.27)Mingcong BaiTemporarily down to conserve energy
powernv25202IBM POWER9 CPU (4-Core) CP9M01 (3 cores, 12 threads allocated)24GiB178s (-j13)Mingcong BaiPowerKVM based

RISC-V (26001-27000)§

SiFarce26002SiFive FU740 @ 1.4GHz (SiFive HiFive Unmatched)16GiB2446 (-j5, 2.34)Mingcong BaiScratch disk at /buildroots, create own Ciel workspace; local mirror at
lorenz26022SiFive FU540 @ 1.5GHz (SiFive HiFive Unleashed)8GiB2785s (-j6, 2.34)Icenowy ZhengNBD root, create own Ciel workspace at /buildroots, behind GFW, a HTTP proxy is available at http://dedue:8118

LoongArch (27001-28000)§

Yukoaioi27001Quad core @ 2.5GHz (Loongson 3A5000)16GiB183s (-j5, Loongnix 2.28-10.lnd.26)Mag Melldirect access with ssh -p 9876 [email protected]