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[COMPLETE] New (x86-64) Build Servers


This crowdsourcing project aims to source components for four new AMD64 (x86-64) build servers to help digest our BuildIt! queues. Currently, there are only two (albeit very powerful) available build servers for our amd64 jobs, we aim to deploy four more to enable more build jobs to run in parallel.

Of course, our BuildIt! infrastructure will benefit from either a job server or better use of containers and cgroups. However, in any case, more build servers means more redundancy and better overall performance.


We would like to source the following components:

Totals: CNY 9,695.28


Friends of the community have donated the following to help with this crowdsourcing project:


Shortly after the completion of this crowdsourcing campaign, the new AMD64 build servers will go online and will be used for maintaining AOSC OS for AMD64 (x86-64).