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Is AOSC OS Right for Me?

Pick the right tool for the job.

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This article is an introduction of our AOSC OS mainline distribution, some design features of our AOSC OS/Retro distribution differs from what this page describes. For an introduction of our AOSC OS/Retro distribution, please refer to AOSC OS/Retro: An Introduction to Users and Maintainers.

What is AOSC OS?§

AOSC OS is an independently maintained operating system based on the Linux kernel and various software components, using APT and dpkg for package management. AOSC OS is targeted at experienced Linux users and optimised for use on personal devices. Moreover, AOSC OS aims to provide good out-of-the-box experience, simplified system administration, and a reliable work environment.

AOSC OS is one amongst thousands of Linux distributions. As such, you might find yourself drowning in choices. This article will brief you on various facts about AOSC OS to help you decide if AOSC OS is right for you.

Design Principles§

AOSC OS is built upon the following goals and principles in mind:

Pros and Cons§

This section outlines various pros and cons of AOSC OS.



Use Cases§

This section outlines various use cases for AOSC OS.