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Is AOSC OS Right for Me?

Some important and not so important notes...

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This article is an introduction of our AOSC OS mainline distribution, some design features of our AOSC OS/Retro distribution differs from what this page describes. For an introduction of our AOSC OS/Retro distribution, please refer to AOSC OS/Retro: An Introduction to Users and Maintainers.

What Is AOSC OS, Anyways?§

Good question, we have been exploring this question for a long time now. But through the seven years of its development, it has become increasingly clear that we are building this Linux distribution with several subtle features that we find essential. Though first, let's return to the basics...

AOSC OS, in its recent years (since 2014), is an independently built and maintained distribution, meaning that in contrast to distributions like Ubuntu, which is built upon packages from Debian - AOSC OS developers source software provided in the distribution independently and build them with configurations maintained by the same developers. Not that it is an overtly noticeable feature, but it allows for our own, say, "creative freedom" when it comes to making the distribution into what we really wanted it to be - according to our philosophies and the suggestions from our community.

That said, AOSC OS is only one of the several thousand Linux distributions out there, it builds upon the powerful Linux Kernel and applications made by many around the world. We understand that it could be difficult to determine a Linux distribution to go with - whether it be the first time, or the 100th time - the goal of this Wiki page is to offer a multi-aspectual description of AOSC OS to help you in the decision process.

What Are We Trying to Achieve?§

AOSC OS is built in a multi-year effort by a collective of volunteers, who possess certain degrees of knowledge about the making of a Linux distribution. AOSC OS started its life as an independent distribution not since its first day of existence, but after three years of experimentation with AnthonOS as derivative distributions built on openSUSE and Debian. In 2014, we have determined to build AOSC OS independently to gain full control on the design and maintenance of packages and their updates.

Through the years following we have discovered that AOSC OS has been built upon the following goals and philosophies:

How Is AOSC OS Like?§

With all these philosophies above, AOSC OS has been built by large in accordance to them. To avoid long paragraphs, this discussion will be organised into a pro's-and-con's listing.



Should I Try AOSC OS?§

Now that you have read through all those boring marketing material, time to make your call. So, here's a subjective but justified (?) guide to your decision making...

Give it a shot, if...§

Ask us for advice or leave it, if...§