<!-- TITLE: KB-SYS-00001: Configuration of APT Repositories --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Information on Enabling or Disabling APT Repositories on AOSC OS --> # APT Configuration This page describes the `apt-gen-list` utility pre-installed with AOSC OS. This utility is used to configure (enable or disable) mirrors used for APT software repositories, and to generate `/etc/apt/sources.list` for APT to use. This could be handy, with knowledge of fastest repository mirrors at your location. Shown below is the original usage message for this utility: ``` Utility for generating sources.list for APT according to available repository configurations. Usage: /bin/apt-gen-list -e "repo1 repo2 ..." -d "repo1 repo2 ..." -l List available repositories. -c Create a default sources.list. -e Enable repositories. -d Disable repositories. -h Display help. If -c is specified, I will only repositories with a rating of 1, and disable all others. ```