<!-- TITLE: AOSC Wiki --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Where people come to know... Oh wait, sorry MSFN :D --> # Welcome Welcome to the AOSC Community Wiki! This is where all documentations, information, and guides will gather for users and developers alike. This community wiki is currently a work-in-progress, so do expect constant content changes and movements. Anyone is welcome to make changes to this wiki as a guest, as user management backend is not yet complete on Wiki.js upstream. The wiki is split into multiple big sections, targeting different audiences. Do use the search bar if lost though, it could come in handy. # Developers This section contains guidebooks for AOSC developers, as well as more technically-inclined content for developers using AOSC OS. - [How to Contribute to This Wiki](developers/how-to-contribute-md) - [AOSC Buildbot Information](developers/buildbots) # Users This section contains information useful for AOSC OS users with pages arranged by topics. - [Is AOSC OS Right for Me?](/users/information/is-aosc-os-right-for-me) ## System Installation This topic provides information on installation of AOSC OS, and considerations suggested when choosing different editions of AOSC OS. - How-to/Guides - [AMD64/x86-64 Systems](/users/installation/amd64) - [ARMv7/AArch64 Devices](/users/installation/arm) - [PowerPC/PPC64-based Macintosh](/users/installation/powermac) - *MIPS 32/64-Bit Systems* - [ZFS Root](/users/installation/zfs-root) - System Requirements - [AMD64/x86-64 Systems](/users/installation/amd64-notes-sysreq) - [ARMv7/AArch64 Devices](/users/installation/arm-notes-sysreq) - [PowerPC/PPC64-based Macintosh](/users/installation/powermac-notes-sysreq) - *MIPS 32/64-bit Systems* ## System Information and Specifications This topic provides information on AOSC OS's system specifications, naming schemes, etc. - [Architecture Namings and Specifications](/users/information/arch-specs) - [Filesystem Hierarchy](/users/information/fs-hierarchy) # Errata This section contains known unresolved and resolved issues found in AOSC OS - for developers' and users' reference. - [ERR-SYS-00001: Disappearing Windows with KDE/Plasma Desktop using Intel DDX](/err/x11/00001-kde-window-intel-ddx) - [ERR-SYS-00002: Noto Mono Fonts Displayed as Sans Serif with Recent Font Package Update](/err/x11/00002-noto-mono-font-name-change) - [ERR-SYS-00003: Errors when Running the "sensors" Command on a HP MicroServer Gen8](/err/x11/00003-sensors-dmesg-error-microserver-gen8) - [ERR-SYS-00004: NetEase Cloud Music < 1.1.0 Fails to Launch](/err/x11/00004-netease-cloud-music-sandbox-error) - [ERR-SYS-00005: X11 Graphical Interface Fails to Start on Systems with Dedicated NVIDIA Graphics](/err/x11/00005-nvidia-x-failure-without-nouveau-blacklist) - [ERR-SYS-00006: VLC 3.0 and Above May Fail to Start in GNOME](/err/x11/00006-vlc-fails-to-launch-in-gnome) - [ERR-SYS-00007: Performance Issues with Fontconfig <= 2.12.92](/err/x11/00007-fc-cache-performance-issues) - [ERR-SYS-00008: CUPS "Filter Failed" with Printers Using the HPLIP Driver](/err/x11/00008-hplip-proprietary-plugins-version-mismatch) # Knowledge Base This section contains pages describing common questions, tips, and directions when using AOSC OS. - [KB-SYS-00001: Configuration of APT Repositories](/kb/sys/00001-apt-gen-list) - [KB-SYS-00002: Configuration of Input Methods](/kb/sys/00002-imchooser) - [KB-SYS-00003: Configuration of JACK](/kb/sys/00003-jack-configuration) # AOSA This section lists all current and historic AOSC OS Security Advisories. - *What is AOSA?* - [List of Announced AOSAs (2017)](/aosa/archive/2017) - [List of Announced AOSAs (2018)](/aosa/archive/2018) # Mirrors This section contains information and guides regarding AOSC's Community Repository. - [How To Mirror the Community Repository](/mirrors/how-to)