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systemd-boot-friend is a script set which helps you to use systemd-boot.

There are three scripts in this package:

NOTICE: For now the automatic hook does NOT work yet. So you will have to manually run systemd-boot-friend after the kernel is updated or modified.


In order to use systemd-boot-friend, you have two options:

  1. Automatically install via using systemd-boot-init
  2. Manually install and set-up systemd-boot yourself, then utilize systemd-boot-friend just to update the kernels.

For the automatic method, simply mount your ESP partition to /efi and run systemd-boot-init. If everything goes well, you should have a working systemd-boot installation.

For the manual method, you can take a look at systemd-boot - ArchWiki, which describes how to set up systemd-boot by yourself. Then after you have decided on where to mount your ESP partition, you can fill in the mountpoint at /etc/systemd-boot-friend.conf and you are good to go.

Technical details§

systemd-boot-friend will install kernels to /EFI/aosc/ directory in your ESP partition. Files will be named like this: