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AOSCBootstrap requires the following Perl modules:

On AOSC OS, you may install these dependencies using the following command:

apt install perl-try-tiny libwww-perl

Usage§ --arch=<architecture> --include=[additional package] --include-file=[list of packages] <branch> <path/to/target> [mirror URL]

The [mirror URL] argument is optional, when omitted, the script defaults to

The --include= and --include-file= are optional, can be specified multiple times and can be specified together.

For example, to bootstrap a amd64 architecture base system on the stable branch at /root/aosc, using localhost as the mirror: --arch=amd64 stable /root/aosc http://localhost/debs/

If you want to include additional packages, for example, add network-base and systemd-base: --arch=amd64 --include=network-base --include=systemd-base stable /root/aosc http://localhost/debs/

If you want to include even more packages, it is recommended to list them in a separate file like this:


Assume you have saved the file as base.lst, then you can use AOSCBootstrap like this: --arch=amd64 --include-file=base.lst stable /root/aosc http://localhost/debs/

Usage with Ciel§

To use AOSCBootstrap with Ciel and its plugins, you can follow these procedures below:

  1. Create your work directory and cd into it.
  2. Run ciel init.
  3. Run --arch=<architecture> <branch> $(pwd)/.ciel/container/dist/ [mirror URL].
  4. When finished, you may proceed to other tasks you may want to perform such as ciel generate and ciel release.

Full Bootstrap to a Larger Base System§

You can use AOSCBootstrap to bootstrap a larger base system or even a base system with a graphic user interface based desktop environment like GNOME or KDE.

To do this, you need a list of required packages. Fortunately, you can find the recipe inside CIEL!'s source tree.

To help you convert this bash script to a plaintext file containing the required packages, there is a conversion script resides in the recipes folder. Simply do perl recipes/ ./ciel-generate ./recipes and all the base variants currently supported by ciel generate command will be dumped into the recipes folder.

Now, to use those recipes, for instance, bootstrapping a kde variant of the system, you can execute AOSCBootstrap like this: --arch=amd64 --include-file=./recipes/kde.lst stable /root/aosc http://localhost/debs/

AOSCBootstrap will prepare a ready-to-use KDE flavored AOSC OS located at /root/aosc.