Community Portal

Maintenance Notes for the Community Portal

Basic Directory Structures

  • Basic files

    • Gemfile Ruby dependencies
    • index.html Landing page
    • Build script
    • 404.html Not found placeholder
    • _config.yml Configuration for Jekyll
  • Directories containing HTML pages

    • about
    • downloads
    • mail
    • news
    • people
    • repo
  • Utility directories for Jekyll

    • _data Datasets for different pages
    • _sass SCSS stylesheets
    • _layouts Page templates
    • _post News posts
  • Utility directory

    • tools Contains tools for converting or migrating from old website
    • daemon Mirror information aggregator, provides API for querying mirror status(-es)
  • Automatically generated directories

    • _site The final result
    • assets/img/de-preview Generated (downscaled) thumbnails
    • vendor Ruby dependencies and binaries

Build the Pages Locally

  • Required software packages

    1. ruby
    2. ruby-bundler
    3. devel-base (This is required for some Ruby Gems required by Jekyll)
  • Run the following commands to install Jekyll (You can skip this step if you already got Jekyll installed)

bundle config set path vendor/bundle
bundle install
  • Generate/Live Preview

To generate pages, run If you want to design or modify the pages and see the modifications more quickly, you can run bundle exec jekyll s and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Mirror Information Aggregator

To use this, you need Python 3 and after switching to the directory daemon/ run pip install -r requirements.txt in a venv. Then execute it: python3

Adding New Posts

Manually add new posts

Simply add a new file with the file name in the _posts directory.

For "front-matter" (the metadata at the top), here is an example which you may want to copy:

layout: post
title: 'Title'
type: news
important: false

Note that the type could be one of news or community.

Using jekyll-compose plugin


Publishing Your Changes

Simply push your commits to master branch. The deployment of the website is automated, you can see the process here. If you don't have the permission to do so, you may open a new PR instead.