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Common Issues and Fixed

Some quirks you may use during packaging

Build fails during linking stage (LTO)

Sometimes the build process fails during the linking stage. It is possible that such errors are caused by LTO (Link-time Optimization).

LTO can help reduce binary size and increase performance (so AOSC OS has it enabled by default), but it somethimes causes build failures on certain programs. So if you enounter build failures during link stage, you can try to disable LTO via adding this line to defines file:


autotools complains about lacking install-sh, source code file not found, source already configured, and etc.

By default, autobuild3 creates a build directory and build inside it (this is called Shadow build). However, some source codes doesn't work in such configuration.

To disable this behavior, add this to the defines file:


ld errors when building Rust software

Rust uses LLVM as its backend. So it may encounter some issue when linking to gcc compiled objects. Try adding this to the defines file: