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List Of Package Issue Codes

Reference List of Package Issue Codes

The Codes

To help identifying various kind of package issues, listed below are four classes of codified packge issues:

Class 1: Metadata

E101Syntax error(s) in spec
E102Syntax error(s) in defines
E103Package name is not valid
E104Package section is not valid
W111Package may be out-dated
W113SRCTBL does not have CHKSUM
W121The last commit message was badly formatted
W122Multiple packages changed in the last commit
W123Force-pushed recently (last N commit - TBD)

Class 2: Build Process

E201Failed to get source
E202Failed to get dependencies
E211Failed to build from source (FTBFS)
E221Failed to launch packaged executable(s)
W222Feature(s) non-functional, or unit test(s) failed

Class 3: Payload (.deb Package)

E301Bad or corrupted .deb file
E(W)302.deb file too small
E303Bad .deb filename or storage path
E311Bad .deb Maintainer metadata
E321File(s) stored in unexpected path(s) in .deb
E(W)322Zero-byte file(s) found in .deb
E(W)323File(s) with bad owner/group found in .deb
E(W)324File(s) with bad permission found in .deb
E325File(s) not found in .deb
W331Package(s) older than a year (unmaintained?)

Class 4: Dependencies

E401BUILDDEP unmet
E402Duplicate package in tree
E411PKGDEP unmet
E412Duplicate package in repository
E421File collision(s)
E431Library version (sover) dependency unmet
E432Library dependency without PKGDEP