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Making Use of the Automated Maintenance Infrastructure

BuildIt! at your service.


This page provides instructions on how to complete a simple automated topic maintenance routine with BuildIt!. At present, BuildIt! can complete the following tasks:

You will still need to complete the following tasks yourself:


This section describes a simple BuildIt! routine.

Commencing topic routine

Referencing AOSC OS Topic-Based Maintenance GuidelinesAOSC OS Package Styling Manual, open the branch, make and commit changes.

Upon completion, you will complete the rest of the maintenance routine using @aosc_buildit_bot on Telegram.

Authenticating as a maintainer

Input the following command:


And follow the on-screen instruction to complete GitHub authentication. After granting AOSC's Minzhengbu infrastructure all necessary authentication, please follow the instructions on your Web browser to re-launch a chat session with @aosc_buildit_bot, and click on the "Start" button on the Bot's chat interface.

You should then be greeted with the following response:

Login successful!

At this point, you would have completed your maintainer authentication.

Opening a pull request

For an example editors-survey-20231231 topic branch with nano and ed updates, input the following comamnd to open a pull request:

/openpr Editors Survey December 2023;editors-survey-20231231;nano,ed

Note: You must manually specify the build order, delimited by a comma (,)!

BuildIt! will automatically detect all necessary labels and a list of architecture for which the binaries need to be built.

If you would like to manually specify these information, for instance, to specify enhancement as the label:

/openpr Editors Survey December 2023;editors-survey-20231231;nano,ed;enhancement

To specify that the packages will only need to be built for amd64:

/openpr Editors Survey December 2023;editors-survey-20231231;nano,ed;;amd64

To specify both at the same time:

/openpr nano: update to 7.2;editors-survey-20231231;nano,ed;enhancement;amd64

Note: Please use git rebase stable to sync changes with the stable branch before opening a pull request!

Test building

Input the following command to build packages for the topic, using the same example with #9999 as its pull request ID:

/pr 9999

If you would like to build the nano package for amd64 on this branch:

/build editors-survey-20231231 nano amd64

BuildIt! will report build progress, results, and logs by posting comments on the pull request; upon build completion, it will also upload the packages to their relevant topic repositories.

Pushing stable updates

Using the same example, upon completion of review, testing, and merging, simply repeat the command above to build and upload packages to the Stable repository:

/pr 9999

This marks the completion of a topic maintenance routine.

Other commands

BuildIt! also provides the following commands: