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ACBS - Installation

Get Started

ACBS could be deployed in any appropriate directories, and is invoked by calling (you may create a symlink for your convenience). You need to install all the [mandatory dependencies](#Mandatory dependencies) listed below. You may want to create a configuration file before using ACBS, although this is not a must, but it is highly recommended though.

You can use package manager to install it if you are running AOSC OS:

sudo apt install acbs

Or you can get it from source: If you don't want to clone it using git, you can directly download it:

ACBS uses an INI-like configuration defining trees to be used, the configuration file should be stored in /etc/acbs/forest.conf.

More detailed instructions are listed below.


Mandatory dependencies:

Optional dependencies[1]:

Initial configurations

The configuration file located in /etc/acbs/forest.conf is a INI-like file.

A bare-minimum configuration example is shown below:

location = /usr/lib/acbs/repo

If you are feeling smart, variable substitutions are also supported:

base = /mnt

location = ${vars:base}/aosc-os-abbs

By default, ACBS builds packages from the tree defined in the [default] block. You can override this behavior by using -t <tree name> parameter.

[1] Note: By installing optional dependencies, functionalities of ACBS could be enhanced. These dependencies are available on PyPI.