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INFRA-KB-00001: How To Contribute to This Wiki

A quick guide on Wiki contribution

Preparing Your Content§

Using Zola, the Community Wiki is written in Markdown.


As currently planned, our Community Wiki is arranged across 5 sections:

Thus, do consider in advance where your page should go - when in doubt, ask in our IRC channel #aosc.

Writing Pages§

If you want to contribute to our wiki, please also check this article to learn more about Zola.

Section-Specific Requirements§

Here are some requirements and expectations specific to each of the sections defined above.


Errata and Knowledge Base§

Errata and Knowledge Base are two concepts defined in this wiki, and Erratas are essentially the incomplete form of Knowledge Base - or in another way, an Errata is a knowledge that could be obtained by developers and users alike regarding currently identified issues within AOSC OS, however, no solution is available yet for this issue; down the line when such issue was addressed with a system update, or with a workaround found by developers and/or users, an Errata added with solution/workaround will be moved and listed as a Knowledge Base article.

We won't lie however, that these two concepts are inspired by Microsoft Support, and Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles (here for an example) - and these page could look somewhat similar to those available to be obtained from Microsoft.

Thus, an Errata page should contain (and in principle, no more than):

As aforementioned, when a solution is found...


As any good security advisory - those useful to system administrators - should contain...

Making Changes§

As we do not provide a box for you to fill in what's changed (yet), do note that you have the most freedom with editing existing pages. However, do note that you should not expect bad contents or bad edits to endure on this site - remember, the Lion's watching and he shall not be happy when that happens.