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AOSC SpringCon 2024

AOSC SpringCon 2024 Agenda and Attendee Information


AOSC SpringCon 2024 will take place on February 15th, during the Lunar New Year holiday in China. This year's SpringCon will be held virtually, with main contributors of various community projects showcasing their work and plans for the coming year. Each contributor will present in the "lightning talk" format during 10-to-15-minute intervals and take questions from the audience collectively.

The SpringCon will be livestreamed on Bilibili and YouTube.

Conference Facts§


AOSC SpringCon 2024 will last two (2) hours. All agenda items below are listed in the 24-hour time format.

Legends for program types are as follows:

All programs will be delivered in Chinese (Mandarin).

Mingcong BaiAOSC OS, community home page, and other community operations14:00 - 14:15PRS
Zixing LiuAutobuild4, ACBS, and Ciel14:15 - 14:25PRS
Jiajie ChenAOSC OS automated maintenance frameworks: BuildIt! and Dickens14:25 - 14:35PRS
Xiaoyuan FuNew AOSC OS installer and the "oma" package management frontend14:35 - 14:45PRS
Xinhui YangDevena device support framework and AOSC OS first-boot wizard14:45 - 14:55PRS
Jiangjin WangSprial Debian-verse compatibility framework and Topic Update Manifest14:55 - 15:05PRS
Presenters and attendeesQuestion and answer session15:05 - 16:001ACT

This session will end depending on session progression, but will end at 16:00.

Notice to Attendees§

  1. Those who attend via Tencent WeMeet should keep their microphones muted during the presentations
  2. You may participate in the Q&A session via WeMeet, Bilibili and YouTube livestreams, and community chat channels
  3. If you are participating in the Q&A session via WeMeet, please use the "raise your hand" function; those who cannot participate via voice may use the chat function
  4. As the SpringCon will be livestreamed on Mainland Chinese platforms, please consider if your questions or comments are appropriate
  5. As the SpringCon will only last two hours, with less than an hour available for Q&A, we may only selectively respond to your questions based on time availability - we appreciate your understanding
  6. This year's SpringCon is considered a trial: Apart from reporting on community projects/operations and attracting new contributors, we would also like to use this conference as an opportunity to experiment and exercise on our outreaching efforts; should there be anything that we would not deliver satisfactorily, please accept our apology
  7. We will assemble a post-conference questionnaire to collect your opinions and critiques and will publish a report based on your feedback