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Open Source Promotion Plan 2022 Projects

Welcome! The following are project topics that AOSC provides for you to work on. You could pick one and contact the corresponding leader, or you may discuss your interested topic with us in either our IRC channel, Telegram group, Discord server, or mailing list.

Please first read the Students' Guide.

Allwinner RISC-V chip Mainline Development

Allwinner has release an SoC (Allwinner D1) based on the XuanTie C906 RISC-V core. This project will focus on mainlining the U-Boot bootloader.

Port AOSC OS to LoongArch Architecture

In June last year, Loongson launched the LoongArch 3A5000 processor based on the LoongArch architecture. The goal of this project is to create a new port of AOSC OS for LoongArch.

AOSC Packages Website Backend Re-implementation

AOSC's package information site is now severely disconnected from the current AOSC OS build system and metadata format. A new implementation of a website backend and data synchronization system was needed.