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Open Source Promotion Plan 2021 Projects

Welcome! The following are project topics that AOSC provides for you to work on. You could pick one and contact the corresponding leader, or you may discuss your interested topic with us in either our IRC channel, Telegram group, Discord server, or mailing list.

Please first read the Students' Guide.

Implementation of DeployKit

DeployKit is the proposed installer for AOSC OS. The program should have two operating modes:

  1. Helping the user to install AOSC OS as an installer;
  2. Providing preventive back-up and disaster recovery functionalities;

At present, a very basic TUI interface has been implemented using Cursive and the Rust Programming Language. However, a GUI interface is still yet to be implemented. The goal of this project is to provide an installer implementation that follows the AOSC OS Installation Guide and automates all installation steps.

Allwinner RISC-V chip Mainline Development

Allwinner will soon release an SoC based on the XuanTie C906 RISC-V core. This project will focus on mainlining the bootloader (tentatively U-Boot, may switch according to student interest) and Linux Kernel for this chip. The chip will be released in late April, with the official development board, SDK and documentation to follow. A lot of references to the SDK code will be needed for the development of this project.