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Origin Story from Tyson

An-an's origin story from Tyson

  • This story is not currently canon for the most part.
  • Any institution, organization or individual mentioned in the story has no affiliation with AOSC.
  • The story has been modified to exclude some extra details.

How An-an Became Sentient§

An-an was a laboratory rabbit from the 6th (Psychiatric) Department of A University Health Science Center. She was one of the animal test subjects of a certain intelligence enhancement drug/behavior study. The drug was eventually concluded as useless, and the survived animals were adopted by the project participants and their acquaintances. Little did they know that those animals actually became so smart that they faked their tests to escape from the lab, and An-an was one of them.

An-an was adopted by a student of the University B. Since An-an was adorable and exceptionally well-behaved for an animal, people let her move freely inside the Computer Science Department. There she became familiar with vintage computers, and always help people to find the hardware they want in the disorganized warehouse.

An-an became a rabbit spirit a few years later, by exercising the instructions from some old Taoist classics she found on the internet. From that point on she can turn into her human form. In Luo Xiao Hei's terms, she is a Metal manipulator and can perform metal manipulation of microscopic precision. She often makes use of her abilities to fix broken vintage hardware.

Connections with other characters§

An-an befriended Alice Rosetta in 2016 when Alice was visiting North Institute C. They were introduced by Alice's classmate, Ao Lei-ting, who is a actually a dragon spirit and a water manipulator.

Alice has a white rabbit named Cloud that she rescued from the dissect class of the middle school on the other side of the street of her primary school. Cloud is a normal rabbit, but he can communicate a lot using rabbit gestures with An-an.

Alice labels herself as the "child of science" and doesn't believe spiritual stuff at all. An-an and Lei-ting only have minor support roles in Electric Hearts. While Alice saw moments when An-an and Lei-ting forgetting to hide their animal ears and tails, she wrote them off as "just her imaginations after watching too much anime".