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AOSC: Our History

A Brief History of the Anthon Open Source Community

AOSC was originally founded as Anthon.Dev (Anthon Dev. Team) by Mingcong Bai and his two classmates in late 2011. Following a year of mismanagement, the team was disbanded and refactored as the Anthon Open Source Community in late 2012.

AOSC OS, the community's main project, was originally known as AnthonOS - an OpenSUSE derivative built with the now defunct SUSE Studio. The OS project was then remade as a Debian derivative focusing on a customised KDE 4 UI and CJK support.

In 2014, with the help of Icenowy Zheng, developer of the Eastern Heart Linux distribution, the Anthon :Next project was established to rebuild the distribution from scratch. With the rebuild, AnthonOS was renamed as AOSC OS, and has become the general-purpose distribution as we know it today.

In the following years, AOSC OS expanded its package repostory and scope of arcthitectural support. To this day, AOSC OS continues to diversify its software selection and device support, owing to our developer's dedication.