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AOSCC 2023

AOSCC 2023 Agenda and Attendee Information

Information Circle
  • Per request from the ShanghaiTech University, attendees must register their personal information before arrival on campus.
  • If you would like to attend AOSCC 2023 in-person, please register here.

Conference Facts§


AOSCC 2023 will last two (2) days. All agenda items below are listed in the 24-hour time format.

Legends for program types are as follows:

All programs will be delivered in Chinese (Mandarin).

Day 1§

Speaker(s)TopicTime SlotType
AttendeesCheck-ins and Greetings8:00 - 11:00ACT
Mingcong BaiYear in Review11:00 - 12:00LEC
AttendeesDevice demo session, lunch, and break period12:00 - 14:00ACT
-Nomination and Poll: Core 11 "K" Codename14:00 - 14:30ACT
-Lucky Draw: IBM ThinkPad X4114:30 - 15:00ACT
Community ContributorsLive: AOSC OS Self-Review15:00 - 16:00ACT
Xiaoyuan "Mag Mell" FuOmakase (Next-Generation AOSC OS Package Manager): Origins, Demo, and Outlook16:00 - 16:30LEC
Community ContributorsRanting Session: On FOSS, Project Participation, and its Future16:30 - 1DIS

This session will end depending on session progression.

Day 2§

Speaker(s)TopicTime SlotType
Community ContributorsProject Exhibits10:00 - 11:00LGN
Zixing Liu, Cinhi YoungAutomation Infrastructure (Ciel RPC, Containers, and GitHub Workflows)~ 45 minutes
Mingcong Bai, Icenowy ZhengNew Ports: AOSC OS on LoongArch, MIPS64 R6, and RISC-V~ 15 minutes
LoongArch Community and Loongson Technology EmployeesOf Loongson and You: Ask Us Anything11:00 - 12:00DIS
-Lucky Draw: L5A2 Boards (Loongson 3A5000)12:00 - 12:30ACT
AttendeesDevice demo session, lunch, and break period12:30 - 14:00ACT
Wu WeiRISC-V Software Ecosystem: Full Steam Ahead14:00 - 14:30LEC
Community ContributorsCommunity Outreach and Internship Showcase14:30 - 15:30LGN
YunQiang SuCIP United Outreach~ 15 minutes
Yichi ZhangShowcase: GeekPie's New Service Architecture~ 15 minutes
Zixing LiuCanonical Outreach~ 15 minutes
Changyuan YuShanghai Linux User Group (SHLUG) Outreach~ 15 minutes
Community ContributorsFree Discussion: Topics for Concerned Community Members15:30 - 16:30DIS
-AOSC OS: Distro or OS? Traditional Software Repositories and its Future~ 30 minutes
-Language Barrier: Chinese-Driven Community and Language Standards~ 30 minutes

Passing Time§

Before and after conference scheduling, or during topics that does not interest you, we suggest the following activities for you to pass time.

Note: Please be mindful of your volume whilst programs are underway.

Lodging Guide§

Please review the Chinese version of this page for more information.

Leave of Absence§

For those who are currently employed or are partaking in paid projects, please refer to the following templates for Leave of Absence.