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AOSCC 2022

AOSCC 2022 Agenda and Attendee Information

Attendee Information§

AOSCC 2022, its lectures, discussions, and workshop activities will be delivered/held in Mandarin Chinese. If you do not speak this language, please note at time of each activity and we will try our best to accomodate (most likely in English).


Due to the continued effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's AOSCC will be held online. Apart from the switch to an online venue, as was the case with AOSCC 2021 and 2022, we have shortened and simplified this year's agenda. AOSCC programs will begin at 10:00 (UTC +8) and will end in the evening. All agenda will be held consequtively at our Discord #general voice channel in accordance with the schedule below:

Mingcong BaiYear in Review; AOSC OS: Codename, QA, Tooling Improvements, Retro, LiveKit, etc.10:00 - 11:00TLK
Community ContributorsLightning Rounds: Project Showcase11:00 - 12:00LGN
Kaiyang "OriginCode" Wusystemd-boot-friend, A Menu Generator for systemd-boot
Xiaoyuan "Mag Mell" Fuaoscdk-rs, AOSC OS' Standard System Installer
Zixing "liushuyu" LiuDeployKit's Upcoming Vue-based GUI
Camber HuangAutobuild3's Testing Framework
Local Party at ShanghaiLive from Shanghai: Phytium D2000/8 Test Fest12:00 - 14:00EVT
Community ContributorsCommunity Outreach and Internships14:00 - 15:00LGN
Zixing "liushuyu" LiuOSPP 2022 Project: Re-implementing the AOSC OS Packages Site
Icenowy ZhengPLCT at the ICT: Bringing Up the AOSC OS RISC-V Port
Yunqiang SuMeet CIP United's Software Ecosystem Workgroup
Pak SquadAn Honest Conersation on FOSS Project Involvement and the Ecosystem's Future15:00 - 16:30DIS
Pak SquadCore 10, Workflows, QA, Autobuild3 Changes, Retro Maintenance, Contributor Certification, etc.16:00 - 1DIS

This agenda will end when discussion concludes in the evening.

Passing Time§

If the current topic does not interest you, please head to other text/voice channels on our community Discord.