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AOSCC 2016

Location, Agenda, and Other Information for AOSCC 2016

AOSCC 2016 is the second year of AOSC's community conference. AOSCC is a community centric conference with an emphasis to:


Room 406, Administration Building, 100 Haike Rd, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China.

上海浦东新区海科路 100 号行政楼 406 室

At a glance§

AOSCC 2016 will take place on July 16-18, 2016 in ShanghaiTech University - Zhangjiang Campus.

Note: All Raspberry Pi 3 handed out during the conference are sponsored by Yunpian, and are provided with AOSC OS pre-installed plus with a package named yunpian-sdk-python: A Python SDK for Yunpian web services. This package is provided as a sponsored extra, and can be removed freely if found unnecessary.


Day 1 of the conference will set to start at noon to compensate for transportation of attendees living outside of Shanghai. Each day following will start at 10 a.m.

Conference ends at approximately 6 p.m. each day, no exact time will be set to allow for variabilities in schedules.

Detailed agenda§

Here below is a detailed agenda of AOSCC 2016, with time and specific event information.

Day 1: Reflections and discussions§

Day 1 will be focused around reports and reflections of the past year and some initial planning of the next. An estimated time table is presented below.

TimeEvent information
12:00 P.M.Reception, Room 406 at the Administration Building
1:30 P.M.Mingcong Bai: Annual report
2:30 P.M.Mingcong Bai, Xingda Zheng: A.M.A (Ask Me Anything) about AOSC OS
3:30 P.M.Mingcong Bai: Polls and discussions about the coming year
5:30 P.M.Junde Yhi: lucky draws
6:00 P.M.Tianhao Xiao: post-conference GPG signing party

During Day 1, reports and reflections will contain reviews of community involvement, project achievements, and stuff that are more or less left behind (and therefore should be taken care of in short order).

Planning and discussions are two other important component of Day 1, which will consist of:

Junde Yhi will then go on to host a lucky draw for licenses for CodeWeavers' CrossOver.

Day 2: Knowledge worth sharing§

If fun is your thing, Day 2 will certainly be your day. Day 2 has a strong emphasis on sharing and clashing of ideas and knowledge. During the day, people from around the community will come in with their prepared speeches, there might just be your kind of thing inside!

TimeEvent information
10:00 A.M.Reception at same location, chatters and late-morning greetings
11:00 A.M.gumblex: Recreating artwork with Inkscape
12:00 P.M.Lunch break
1:00 P.M.Junde Yhi, Zixing Liu: Distributed and CI functionality of ABBS
2:00 P.M.Jiahe Shi (GeekPie Association): Setting up development environment on campus
3:00 P.M.Junde Yhi: More on Anthon Starter
3:30 P.M.Xingda Zheng: Way to GNU/Linux on ARM
4:00 P.M.Mingcong Bai, Zixing Liu: before you start (tomorrow's workshop), A.M.A. regarding working with packaging, localization (l10n), and everything else!
5:00 P.M.Mingcong Bai: Lucky draws

Today's luck draw will still be hosted by Mingcong Bai with Raspberry Pi 3's sponsored by Yunpian (and of course, they come pre-configured with AOSC OS).

Day 3: Hands-on experience§

Day 3 will be all about hands-on experience with work around free and open source projects, this will be day-long workshop with multiple parallel stations available to attendees.

TimeEvent information
10:00 A.M.Reception at same location, chatters and late-morning greetings
11:00 A.M.Start of workshop
12:00 P.M.Lunch break
3:00 P.M.Announcement of wallpaper and codename winners

Day 3 workshops are available as the following stations:

Winners of wallpaper and codename contests will be awarded with a copy of CodeWeavers' CrossOver.


For participants' convenience, we've been searching for economical hotels around the meeting place.

For reference only.


We are glad to have the following sponsors for the conference.

Want to be a sponsor? Contact us!