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Installing AOSC OS on ARMv7/AArch64 Devices

There really isn't any set way to install AOSC OS on various kinds of ARM devices, this page serves as a index to guide you to various other guides for specific devices.

Please refer to our ARM Board Support Package Wiki for more information on devices that AOSC OS currently supports, and their installation guides.


All tarballs provided in the Download page comes with a unconfigured mainline Linux Kernel, it will not work on most devices without extra configuration, we use the aosc-mkrawimg to create device-specific images from them - using shell-based recipes.

Device-specific RAW images for MicroSD cards and eMMC storage could be found in the same location.

Variants and System Requirements

Currently, the following variants of AOSC OS are available for ARMv7/AArch64 devices/systems.