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Raspberry Pi Devices

Here you can learn about how to run AOSC OS for Raspberry Pi devices.

About Raspberry Pi§

Raspberry Pi is a series of Single Board Computers developed by Raspberry Pi Foundation. Raspberry Pi gained wide community due to its relatively small form factor (the normal version is just size about a credit card), its open ecosystem and adequate performance.

Supported Hardware§

Here is a list of community supported devices. Click the name to checkout the documentation for a device.

NameTypePlatformMaintenance StatusMaintainer
Raspberry Pi 4BSingle Board ComputerBroadcom BCM2711SupportedCinhi Young

Board Support Packages repository§

BSP packages repository is available for all Raspberry Pi devices. Execute following command to add it to your APT source:

echo "deb stable bsp-rpi" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bsp-rpi.list
sudo apt update